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BIG 500 are a four piece, guitar based, alternative rock band.  The band's focus has always been on playing live and the creation of original, fresh, high energy rock music.  

We've been around the block, so to say, and gained loads of experience from years of live performances, which have seen us grace numerous venues and festivals across the UK (and further afield). Over the years, the band have signed and released music with several independent labels and have had tracks used for film and radio.

We're always on the lookout for opportunities to play live and we’ll happily tailor our set to suit the event.  Our blend of original, US influenced alternative rock is a guaranteed crowd pleaser and we're more than happy to blend in a mix of contemporary or classic rock covers as required for the show.

Please feel free to contact us for your event in 2013, we have a friendly and relaxed approach to our gigs, along with a full professional set up ...and we're probably a lot more affordable than you think!

Next Live Dates in 2014:

April 27th - Tumulus Festival, Wiltshire
June 22
nd - Wallingford Festival, Rugfest, Oxfordshire

Sept 14th - Brightfest Music Festival, Oxfordshire

Sept 28th - Choko Festival, Cholsey, Oxfordshire

Contact; info@big500.net   


BIG 500's 11 track album; 'Fly by Wire' can be downloaded from the following stores:


CD's always available at gigs. (usually discounted!)


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